Visibility & Control
for Smart Devices

AI-driven HyperContext gives you
contextualized device visibility to correctly
profile device behavior and set automated
controls that current device fingerprinting
technologies cannot.

ROI Estimator Tool

Find out if an AI/ML driven cloud-based device security platform can provide you a much better return on your investment.

Get Actionable Insights into your Device Risk Posture

Generate automated organizational device risk scores based on hundreds of dimensions to identify SecOps, Network Ops, & IT Ops gaps.

WootCloud addresses recent FBI warnings on IoT security

Optimize your Security Resource Allocation

Identify areas for security investment, including SecOps, Network Ops and IT Ops, to improve your risk posture.

Auto-enforce granular policies based on HyperContext – including device and network/airspace characteristics.

Supercharge your SIEM Investment

Append HyperContext insights to your SIEM data and feed them into your orchestration workflows.

Request a Shadow Device Risk Assessment

Recent FBI Warnings on Device Security

FBI recommends that you keep your IoT devices on a separate network Is your smart TV spying on you? A new FBI warning says it’s possible Securing the Internet of Things

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