Ex-Google CISO Gerhard Eschelbeck Joins WootCloud Board of Directors

Visibility & Control
for Smart Devices

AI-driven HyperContext gives you
contextualized device visibility to correctly
profile device behavior and set automated
controls that current device fingerprinting
technologies cannot.

ROI Estimator Tool

Find out if an AI/ML driven cloud-based device security platform can provide you a much better return on your investment.

Get Actionable Insights into your Device Risk Posture

Generate automated organizational device risk scores based on hundreds of dimensions to identify SecOps, Network Ops, & IT Ops gaps.

Optimize your Security Resource Allocation

Identify areas for security investment, including SecOps, Network Ops and IT Ops, to improve your risk posture.

Auto-enforce granular policies based on HyperContext – including device and network/airspace characteristics.

Supercharge your SIEM Investment

Append HyperContext insights to your SIEM data and feed them into your orchestration workflows.

Request a Shadow Device Risk Assessment

Recent FBI Warnings on Device Security

FBI recommends that you keep your IoT devices on a separate network Is your smart TV spying on you? A new FBI warning says it’s possible Securing the Internet of Things

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