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Do You Want To Truly Manage What You
Cannot See?

Detect, Profile and Automatically Sanction Every Open and Hidden Device Connected to Your Network with WootCloud HyperContext™ agentless device security.

  • Visibility: Discover hidden, shadow, unmanaged devices across multiple spectrums including Bluetooth, BLE, and WiFi and physical LAN connections.
  • HyperContext: Gain deep device context analyzing 300 + device parameters without using agents.
  • Micro-segmentation: Continuous dynamic network segmentation at the device level utilizing HyperContext intelligence.
  • Global View: Manage multi-site locations on a single pane of glass from an easy to use interface.

See how the WootCloud HyperContext Security platform can make your life simpler in any environment.


Mobile phones

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Wall plugs

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Light bulbs

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Coffee makers

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Security cameras

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Smart watches

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Benefits We Deliver

Efficiently manage

multi-locations and distributed
network/ security operations

Clearly identify

risks without alert overload


staff requirements to manage
what is needed

Immediately achieve

operational compliance


ROI of existing security tools

Confidently reduce

the risk of a security breach and loss of data and IP

ROI Estimator Tool

Do you know the cost of overlooking device security in your business?

Use WootCloud ROI calculator

Auto-enforce granular policies based on HyperContext – and enable more granular control of network systems and better isolation if a security flaw is exploited.


Supercharge your SIEM Investment

Append HyperContext insights to your SIEM data and feed them into your orchestration workflows.

Get Actionable Insights into your Device Risk Posture

Generate automated organizational device risk scores based on hundreds of dimensions to identify SecOps, Network Ops, & IT Ops gaps.

Optimize your Security Resource Allocation

Identify areas for security investment, including SecOps, Network Ops and IT Ops, to improve your risk posture.

Unsanctioned devices from remote workers will soon inundate your corporate networks, and in the rush to enable increased remote access capacity, simple configuration errors will introduce many security challenges for your organization.

Our offer gives you a fully functional virtual machine of WootCloud Enterprise with the following capabilities:

Device Discovery: Agentless, non-intrusive solution that discovers managed and unmanaged devices on the network. It also monitors peer-to-peer in-air communications over WIFI, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Granular Device Context: Collects device information from physical, logical, operational and locational touchpoints and identifies the different interfaces as being from the same device. Also, performs deep packet analysis to provide a fine-grained analysis of every device in the organization.

True Identity™: Accurately identifies and fingerprints all new devices seen in the organization automatically, recognizes anomalous behavior at the device level, and offers insights and analytics about device-level risks and threats. View best practices around mitigating threat profiles.

Micro-Segmentation: Implemented at the software layer, decoupled from the network hardware and NAC tools, and, when coupled with deep device context, delivers device-level granular segmentation that is easy to deploy and operate automatically at IoT scale.

Risk Assessment: Provides unique risk profile for each device, calculated by our proprietary algorithm to identify SecOps, Network Ops, & IT Ops gaps to improve device risk posture.

Large scale automation via a robust policy engine: A powerful policy engine automates and enforces control points which automates handling large numbers of different devices and maintaining hygiene in the organization. Trigger policies at machine speeds and at IoT scale.Our 

Throughput400 Mbps1 Gbps2 Gbps5 Gbps
Virtual Machine Guest Specifications 2 virtual CPU cores
100 GB disk space
4 virtual CPU cores
150 GB disk space
8 virtual CPU cores
150 GB disk space
16 virtual CPU cores
600 GB disk space
RequirementsVMware ESXi 5.0 or later
Intel or AMD CPUs supporting SSE3 and SSE4
Two network interfaces

Request a Shadow Device Risk Assessment

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