WootCloud is Now Part of Netskope

Extending leadership in cloud, data, and
network security to enterprise IoT


Making The Difference

WootCloud in Enterprise Network Security


Interface correlation
and robust asset management

Actionable Alert

Rich diagnostics & deep investigation capability to automate alert handling at scale

Dynamic Access

Control device and user access based on posture, context and real time threat assessment


Automatically isolate workloads,
devices and users

Segmentation policies using HyperContext® data to better isolate security flaws


Optimize Security Resource Allocation

Identify areas to improve risk posture


Supercharge SIEM Investments

Append HyperContext® insights to SIEM data and feed into orchestration workflows

Actionable Insights to Improve Risk Posture

Device risk scores to identify SecOps, Network Ops, & IT Ops gaps

The device centric model generates highly contextual tags that offers a huge advantage to automate, control and handle devices on a large scale. This serves to close a glaring gap in NAC which fails to adequately secure managed and unmanaged devices because of the tight coupling between L2/L3 addressing, user-based authentication and security.

This offers threat detection relevant to each device for eg: an audio-conferencing equipment has a completely different risk and threat assessment profile compared to a Smart TV, or a DHCP server. Read how we detected vulnerable Polycom devices and an undetected OMNI bot infection on them.

This offers device visibility beyond IP, MAC and Ethernet network borders which helps IT handle devices at scale and segregate them effectively. It is tailored to immediately solve audit requirements for visibility and organizational control measurements in real time.

Request a Shadow Device Risk Assessment

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