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AI/ML Series: The Perfect Storm for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an arena that has seen early and enthusiastic deployment of AI/ML in its platforms and applications, both for offense and defense cybersecurity. For defense, AI is already being deployed for purposes such as anomaly and malware detection. 

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Back to Basics: Identifying and Remediating Device and Infrastructure Security Gaps – The Oldsmar Water Treatment Plant Ransomware Attack Examined

Just two days before one of the largest annual sporting events in the world—the National Football League’s Super Bowl on February 7—a cyberattacker exploited TeamViewer, a remote-access program, at a water treatment plant in Oldsmar, Florida, in an attempt to poison the town’s water supply. This was done using credentials shared by employees. Fortunately an attentive employee noticed his cursor moving on its own, (narrowly) averting crisis.

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AI/ML Series: The Current State of AI/ML in Cybersecurity

Cybercriminals have also employed AI/ML to assist with the scale and effectiveness of their social engineering, ransomware, and cyberattacks. AI/ML is being trained to spot patterns in behavior, how to convince people that a video, phone call or email is legitimate, and then persuading them to compromise networks and hand over sensitive data – all automatically.

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