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A New Revenue Opportunity for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

By 2020 Gartner expects to see 20B internet-connected things and predicts that over 25% of enterprise attacks in enterprises will involve IoT. This is costing MSP’s customers billions of dollars and exposing them to vastly increased business risk. Over 2 million new devices connect to the web every day, increasing these risks exponentially. MSPs have an opportunity to increase their service margins to secure, monitor, and manage their customers’ networks.  As more devices shift to the internet, the percentage of MSP revenues are shifting as well, defining the next phase of MSP growth.

Due to the large number, variability, and sophistication of device attackers, visibility into IoT device threats has become difficult, labor-intensive, and prohibitively expensive using traditional security solutions.  Enter WootCloud.

WootCloud represents a new breed of frictionless, agentless technologies that combine automation, analytics, AI, and machine learning to make MSP services in this space highly profitable.  WootCloud dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of managing IoT and adds multiple layers of automation to reduce the operational headcount required to deliver these solutions to customers – exceeding 60% in many cases.  WootCloud generates a lucrative new revenue stream for MSPs that can significantly differentiate MSPs from their competitors.

Here’s how it works:

WootCloud HyperContext® is the only agentless device security platform that delivers detection, device profiling, micro-segmentation, and advanced threat protection across  network and RF spectrums in any business environment at machine speed and IoT scale.  With WootCloud technology you can:

●  Discover all managed and unmanaged devices on the network

●  Dynamically micro-segment the network at the device level  to improve threat protection to a granular level.

●  Recognize anomalous behavior at the device level and prevent vulnerable devices from propagating into the rest of the organization.

●  Automate and consolidate alert notification to eliminate 2/3rd of network administration issues.

WootCloud technology has delivered the following benefits:

IoT security is a monumental opportunity for MSPs. WootCloud is excited to discuss a partnership with  MSPs to solve your customer’s IoT security issues, so MSPs can focus on optimizing networks, reducing risk, reducing overhead costs and generating a new revenue stream.

To learn more in a zero touch, no obligation Demo or POC, please contact us.


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