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Fortinet and WootCloud Sign Highest-level Fabric Ready Partner Program to Provide Customers Deeper Insight, Analysis, and Protection

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, has announced WootCloud, a device centric security firm will join their Fortinet Open Fabric Ecosystem as an Fortinet Security Fabric Partner. The partnership and forthcoming product integrations aims to deliver end-to-end security with complete  visibility into every device that touches an enterprise’s network, deep context about every device, and seamless threat and risk management through a nuanced, context-driven, policy solution.

The integrations are made possible through Fortinet’s Fabric-Ready Partner Program, made up of strategic partnerships with a select,few industry-leading organizations to offer pre-validated and fully integrated solutions that provide advanced security and enhanced visibility across the entire digital infrastructure. WootCloud is proud to be recognized in this special group.

Partnership Helps Satisfy Customers Needs for Fine-grained, Intelligent Network Access Controls

For Fortinet and WootCloud customers, the partnership extends WootCloud’s robust device context functionality into FortiNAC’s industry leading access management capabilities,  giving customers more visibility and nuanced access control across their devices and infrastructure, both managed and unmanaged, through WootCloud’s passive and agentless HyperContext platform. 

WootCloud’s HyperContext offers Fortinet customers 100% visibility into known and unknown devices and infrastructure connected to the network across corporate and campus environments to help solve these common issues:

  • Misconfigurations: Access points having OPN privacy settings by error. These need to be isolated.
  • Hijacked devices: Blocking potentially compromised devices which don’t lend themselves to having an agent deployed on them including Polycom conferencing systems, set top boxes, Smart TVs, and other connected devices .
  • Automated access restrictions: Based on context like mandatory service compliance.
  • Automated provisioning of devices: Ensure they land in correct subnet/vlans – even if incorrectly provisioned.

The combination of WootCloud and FortiNAC leverages existing policies and labels already in place. FortiNAC customers can set labels, then associate access restriction policies to them whereby WootCloud HyperContext then drives the devices to these labels thus causing proper enforcement to happen. 

AI/ML-driven Platforms Meet Increasingly Intelligent Threats

The partnership also extends AI/ML capabilities to automatically detect, synthesize. and respond to cyberthreats across both the security vendor’s platforms.

Managing security, regardless of the size of the organization, has become an incredibly complicated task due in large part to lack of skilled people, too many alerts from disparate systems resulting in threats getting missed, or discovered too late. 

What was the “network perimeter” is now built across the infrastructure due to the explosion of network edges, work from anywhere, and multi-cloud models.

This change has been met by hackers moving to sophisticated attack methods, and as such, requires an innovative approach to security spanning the extended digital attack surface and cycle, enabling self-healing security and networking to protect devices, data, and applications.

Both Fortinet with their Security Fabric and WootCloud with the  HyperContext platform synthesize FortiNAC, FortiGate, SIEM and Firewall protections with a common AI layer to find signals in the noise to better identify and mitigate threats in the moments of compromise to keep customer data safe, protect customer brands, satisfy compliance requirements.

Perfect Timing for Partnership

This partnership and tightly coupled product offering comes at a time when the world is seeing more and more debilitating attacks with far reaching consequences  

In addition to the recent Colonial Pipeline attack, the SolarWinds Sunburst, Fireeye, and Pulse Secure attacks, a recent Security study indicates:

  • 14% of responding CISOs indicated that they had solutions from more than 20 different security vendors installed in their networks, and 3% indicated that they had more than 50. This multitude of products leads to fatigue in SOC operations and missed “indicators of compromise”
  • 35% of organizations see between 10,000 and a staggering 500,000 alerts every day with less than 1 in 4 investigated alerts turning out to be legitimate
  • 79% of respondents said that it was “somewhat or very challenging” to orchestrate alerts from multiple vendors

Hence the average mean time to identify a threat or a compromised system is nearly 200 days, and requires another nearly 10 weeks to contain a breach, thus exposing customers to financial loss, and/or damage to brands, as well as compliance violations.

The Fortinet platform with WootCloud HyperContext partnership strives to offer customers a powerful combination of deep insights into devices and infrastructure on their networks, indicators of compromise, intelligent risk analysis of their behavior, and automated threat protection with the combined platform and all of it delivered on a single pane of glass in the form of a combined user interface.

Learn more www.wootcloud.com and www.fortinet.com

To learn more in a zero touch, no obligation Demo or POC, please contact us.

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