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White House Statement on Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Resources to Help You Act Now

White House Statement on Cybersecurity Awareness Month:
Resources to Help You Act Now

In May, the White House issued an executive order to modernize US defenses and position the Federal government to lead, rather than lag, in its own cybersecurity. This began with a 100-day action plan to improve cybersecurity across the electricity sector has already resulted in more than 150 utilities serving 90 million Americans.

On Friday, October 1st, the White House committed again to strengthening our cybersecurity by hardening US critical infrastructure against cyberattacks, disrupting ransomware networks, working to establish and promote clear rules of the road for all nations in cyberspace, and making clear we will hold accountable those that threaten our security. 

This reiterates the Federal Government stance taken on May 1 with the Executive Order on Cybersecurity:

  • Modernizing and Implementing Stronger Cybersecurity Standards in the Federal Government by securing cloud services and a zero-trust architecture, and mandates deployment of multifactor authentication and encryption with a specific time period.
  • Improving Detection of Cybersecurity Incidents on Federal Government Networks by improving the ability to detect malicious cyber activity on federal networks by enabling a government-wide endpoint detection and response system and improved information sharing within the Federal government. 
  • Improving Investigative and Remediation Capabilities by creating cybersecurity event log requirements for federal departments and agencies. 

All of these are core to WootCloud’s mission to protect public and private organizations from the beginning. We are in strong support of these efforts and forthcoming standards for government and industry.

Our agentless, AI/ML-driven platform identifies, analyzes, and manages device and infrastructure assets automatically to help you close security and compliance gaps in real time – on and off your network. All of this is critical with today’s IoT, 5G, and work-from-anywhere megatrends opening up new cyberattack vectors.

A national effort to invest in people, processes, and technologies to properly implement Zero Trust controls in a cloud-first IT environment will help prevent and mitigate future attacks greatly, and the Executive Order discussing the need for transparency as a means to strengthen areas such as supply chain security will add value as well. 

The Executive Order also asks various stakeholders to recommend to the Federal Acquisition Regulatory (FAR) Council an updated framework for language identifying the nature of cyber incidents, timing, and types of cyber incidents that require reporting. 

This is all a good start, and we look forward to guidelines for the Federal, and likely soon State and Local government sectors, critical infrastructure, and other areas where the current administration could make an enormous impact in the not-too-distant future.

Resources to help you act now

As you consider how your current device security defenses stack up against the ever-changing security IoT/5G/Work-from-anywhere landscape, review and apply our Zero Trust principles in our Zero Trust white paper.

Also of interest may be our CIS Control and NIST Framework Coverage Summaries – Assess gaps you and your organization may face on these critical security and compliance components here.

Read the Executive Order here.

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