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Wootcloud puts the A in SOAR for Security Teams

Security orchestration is all about making different products (both security and non-security brand) integrate with each other, and automating tasks across those products through while simultaneously allowing for end user oversight and interaction. You can have both of these concepts in the same system separately – but Wootcloud can show you how to make them work together for an effective modern SOAR system.

SOAR including automated responses already exists, between firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems(IPS), and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). The first Intrusion Protection System that created an automated a firewall rule to block an attacker represented the first two-system integration and cooperation for a combined, automated  response. The SIEMs would record the event, for the human watcher and evaluation after the fact. These days Security orchestration is well known and is an integral part of the response arm of security operations for incident management. Effective security automation is woven well into the security orchestration mechanism which will result in lesser load on the Security operations team.  

There are, let’s just point it out now, a lot of events flowing into the SIEM, and thus into your Security Ops team. On any given day they struggle to keep up with the volume of alerts as we plug one system after another into the SIEM. There remain manual process, especially escalation, and a need for constant tuning/learning to reduce the high volume of events that can overwhelm a SIEM license as well as the people monitoring it until vital events are missed in the general security signal noise. 

With the huge explosion of connected smart devices, with the IT and OT traffic merging, it is very easy to incorrectly configure the network, incorrectly configure the devices and the access levels they have to other areas of networks and services. Human errors abound and these are then the major sources of being exploited for access to the network, data, IP, and devices. In fact more and more cyber-attacks themselves are automated and run through bots looking for weakness and open systems to attack – and Security teams often have limited visibility in the most important part of problem solving: What is every IP in their system for and who owns it?

Wootcloud’s HyperContext® offers automated security discovery for devices in your airspace and network. With all the device labels and fingerprints generated, processes like access control, vulnerability scanning, and risk escalations can all be automated via policies. 

The next step is to set up policies within HyperContext to automatic and continuous monitoring for new devices, as well as existing devices that deviate from their behavior profile. Automated policy driven continuous monitoring ensures that the devices have the right configurations, meet the right compliance goals, part of the right segments and have the right access they need. Only the anomalous devices not responding or repeatedly failing the automated policy controls will then be surfaced to the operations team, reducing workload.  

Other policies include device movement, changes of network that can indicate compromise, and other out-of-the-box policies WootCloud offers. With a two-way automated query between your SIEM and Wootcloud, you will be able to see device activity, confirm whether the change is normal, and escalate shut down of that device’s access to public services if not.

Device security automation aids in a low-friction deployment of a zero trust architecture by:

  • Better use of security operations team assets, improving ROI on existing security tools and technologies
  • Increased productivity by reducing security operations fatigue from alert and task overload
  • Quick response to incidents and events, offloading the mundane task of monitoring and basic enforcement on millions of your devices from the shoulders of human response

Many organizations are reluctant to broadly adopt security automation without having this rich context for devices, as well as intelligent decision-making capability. Security orchestration integrates security tools, facilitates automation and combines dashboards, reports and human collaboration to increase the overall efficiency of a SecOps team. When combining automation and orchestration with Wootcloud’s device fingerprinting information and automation of basic network security tasks, security teams can more quickly identify the source of the issue, and identify their subsequent actions or recommendations with greater clarity.

To learn more in a zero touch, no obligation Demo or POC, please contact us.

You can also enjoy a complimentary smart device survey for your group or organization.

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Srinivas Akella
Founder, Chief of Products & Technology

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