New MIRAI Variant Cyber Threat, “OMNI” That Exposes Almost Every Video Conferencing Device to Remote Attack

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The world of threats expanded dramatically in 2018—and not just because of an increase in the amount of malware. Organizations are dealing with larger attack surfaces. Exploits of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices have transitioned from speculation to reality.

Recently, WootCloud identified a new MIRAI Variant cyber threat, “OMNI” that exposes almost every audio/video conferencing device to remote attack. If exploited, the botnet could enable an attacker to launch brute-force attacks, DDoS attacks and allow the conferencing devices to be used as proxy devices for routing malicious communications such as Command and Control (C&C).  Attackers can abuse the APIs supported by Polycom for performing the operations in the device.  WootCloud reported this bot to Polycom and the UC community.

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