WootCloud Enterprise

Detect, profile, and sanction ALL devices on your network

WootCloud Enterprise is the only agentless device security platform that delivers detection, device profiling, micro segmentation and advanced threat protection across all spectrums in any business environment at machine speed and IoT scale using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Organizations today have a staggering number of devices entering their networks and securing all these devices is creating a threatening risk for companies. WootCloud Enterprise uses our HyperContext® engine to provide automated, accurate device detection, profiling and software-defined micro-segmentation thereby easing the burden on your IT organization.

Discover Any Type of Device

WootCloud Enterprise will uncover all the devices that go unnoticed by other security solutions. With patent-pending technology, HyperContext®:

  • Detects and profiles devices on the network and the Radio Frequency spectrum
  • Detects any device the moment it enters the environment. This provides you with advanced preparation time and the ability to micro-segment before the device connects to the network.

Know Your Devices

WootCloud Enterprise enables IT teams to set highly nuanced and granular policies that allow you to manage the influx of devices in a business environment. Our platform utilizes deep device discovery technology to deliver:

  • In-depth understanding of a device’s role beyond the traditional user, location and network behaviors
  • Grouping and anomaly detection based off a business use case with an overlay of AI / ML technology that evolves in real time
  • Anomaly and threat detection with much greater accuracy
  • TrueID™ to continually validate that a device is what it claims to be

Respond Confidently & Quickly

Time is critical during a breach. With WootCloud HyperContext®’s advanced AI / ML technology you can:

  • Dynamically micro-segment devices based on user and device behavior
  • Control user access to these devices based on context and real-time threat assessment
  • Interface with other security technologies to enrich security information to expedite an effective response


Device Discovery

Agentless, non-intrusive solution that discovers managed and unmanaged devices on the network.

Device Profiling

The WootCloud HyperContext® platform collects hundreds of device characteristics from logical and operational touchpoints and performs deep packet analysis to provide in-depth context on every device in the organization as well as its relationship to other devices in the organization.

Device Fingerprinting

WootCloud TrueID™ automatically, and accurately, identifies and fingerprints all devices seen in the organization beyond basic user and device identification.

Risk Management

HyperContext® recognizes anomalous behavior at the device level and uses its sophisticated policy engine to prevent vulnerable devices from propagating into the rest of the organization. It also offers security posture trends and analytics about each device and recommends actions to mitigate identified threats.


Continuous dynamic network segmentation at the device level utilizing HyperContext® intelligence that extends beyond simple device identification.

Asset Management

Achieve greater organizational compliance with complete discovery and cataloging of all network-attached devices from infrastructure equipment such as switches and routers, to endpoint devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Smart TVs.


WootCloud integrates with any Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) platform. Provides enriched event context at the device level utilizing patented advanced data correlation technology.


Natively built for integration into Demisto and Phantom SOAR platforms.

Getting Started



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