WootCloud Delivers Network Segmentation and Secure NAC-less Access Control to Infrastructure Devices and Users at IoT Scale.​

  • 100% granular visibility, 100% agent-less
  • Flexible, automated, nuanced access control policies
  • Ease of deployment, Virtual Machines
  • Supercharges SIEM, SOAR investments
  • Centralized security for all locations

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Wall plugs

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Light bulbs

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Coffee makers

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Security cameras

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Smart watches

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Making The Difference

  • Accurate Device Associations: Identify multiple interfaces to a single device; get the what, where, when, and how of all devices, even if device is not connected to the network (airspace)
  • Actionable Intelligence: Get a complete investigation into the anatomy of an alert with actionable information where applicable.
  • Granular Micro-segmentation: Automatically isolate workloads, devices and users using our software defined segmenation making it easier to deploy, manage and operate at IoT scale.
  • Dynamic Access Control: Dynamically control access to all devices and users based on context and real-time threat assessment.

WootCloud in Enterprise Device Security


Interface correlation
and robust asset management

Actionable Alert

Rich diagnostics & deep investigation capability to automate alert handling at scale

Dynamic Access

Control device and user access based on posture, context and real time threat assessment


Automatically isolate workloads,
devices and users

Benefits We Deliver

Efficiently manage

multi-locations and distributed
network/ security operations

Clearly identify

risks without alert overload


staff requirements to manage
what is needed

Immediately achieve

operational compliance


ROI of existing security tools

Confidently reduce

the risk of a security breach
and loss of data and IP

ROI Estimator Tool

Do you know the cost of overlooking device security in your business?

Use the WootCloud ROI calculator and find out now.

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Auto-Enforce Granular Device Control

Auto-enforce granular policies based on HyperContext® – and enable more granular control of network systems and better isolation if a security flaw is exploited.


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Supercharge your SIEM Investment

Append HyperContext® insights to your SIEM data and feed them into your orchestration workflows.

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Securing Smart Devices

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CISO’s Guide to Improving Security Risk Posture

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WootCloud Solution Brief

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Supercharge Your SIEM, SOAR Investments

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Simplfy Device Management, Security and Control with Wootcloud and MIST

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Get Actionable Insights into your Device Risk Posture

Generate automated organizational device risk scores based on hundreds of dimensions to identify SecOps, Network Ops, & IT Ops gaps.

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Optimize your Security Resource Allocation

Identify areas for security investment, including SecOps, Network Ops and IT Ops, to improve your risk posture.

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