HyperContext™ Powered Security

WootCloud solves one of the biggest challenges in the world of connected devices: helping manage thousands of devices ranging from computers to cell phones to smart TVs to bluetooth personal devices. Organizations run the risk of missing on behavioral cues due to a lack of visibility across multiple spectrums and a lack of AI-based analysis. WootCloud HyperContext Platform provides actionable insights by combining device context, network data and threat intelligence. It enables companies to understand risks from unmanaged, transient devices and enforce a unified policy across all their campuses. WootCloud is the industry’s only full spectrum visibility & analytics platform.


We have seen it all


East European Hackers turning Polycom devices into botnets.

 WootCloud discovered 4 botnets identified in Video. This vulnerability affected several million devices.

Bitcoin Mining

Hidden Bitcoin mining operation in a data center.

The whole operation was well masked and missed by all of today’s security mechanisms including leading firewalls.

Connected Tesla

Tesla cars logged into network.

Rapid expansion of IoT technology in the mainstream of humanity is making corporate environments more vulnerable to attacks and scams.



Threat monitoring & response

  • Surface ML curated alerts that matter to the security context of organization
  • Integrated risk, breach and vulnerability assessment dramatically improves understanding of risks across multiple sites
  • Fine grained block, quarantine or access control actions on compromised devices to comply with business/operational requirements

Information Technology

Asset management & org compliance

  • Unparalleled context which includes, physical, logical, locational and traffic details of of all assets across multiple sites, multiple spectra
  • Monitor, Manage the unknown, get deep insights into unmanaged devices, shadow IoT and enforce organizational compliance on these devices.
  • Optimize and dramatically reduce costs in asset management


Access control & Campus Micro-segmentation

  • HyperContext™ tags allow fine grained segmentation & control beyond L2-L3 and user authentication
  • Create custom groups and tags to control devices at IoT scale
  • Real time monitoring and enforcement of access using logical, physical, location and behavioral characteristics of network & RF devices

Why us

AI Driven Visibility

  • Fingerprint devices beyond their network properties and establish identity based on device context
  • Understand the behavior for each device in the organization and get rich actionable information
  • Automatically group all devices along multiple vectors/properties at scale to better understand and handle devices in your network

ML Driven Threat Detection

  • Actionable automated insights against insider threats, detecting anomalies faster, at a lower cost, with fewer personnel
  • Context driven anomaly detection leads to lower false positives
  • Customize device groups that matter for your business and get automatically get personalized anomaly detection that is tuned to your

100% Coverage

  • Only solution that combines both RF and network characteristics of devices to provide coverage beyond ethernet.
  • Context driven visibility, asset tracking, compliance, risk & security in a single pane of glass
  • Unifies IT/OT and brings IT, network and security teams to all operate on a consistent full view while using tools of their choice


  1. WootCloud Discovers ARES ADB IOT Botnet Targeting Android Devices especially STBs/ TVs !
  2. OMNI Exposes almost every audio video conferencing device to remote attack!
  3. Exploits of the IoT devices have transitioned from speculation to reality.
  4. Got BleedingBit! Call WootCloud.
  5. Press Release: New MIRAI Variant Cyber Threat 'OMNI' That Exposes Almost Every Video Conferencing Device to Remote Attack – WootCloud.
  6. Press Release: OMNI Bot variant discovered in Polycom devices.
  7. Startup to watch in 2017.
  8. Visit us at booth 12930 HIMSS 2018 Conference Las Vegas.
  9. WooCloud detected thousands of exposed Cisco routers administrative web consoles.
  10. TiE Winner.

How WootCloud™ works

Fast Installation

Covers corporate campuses and remote branches. Installation takes a day.

100% Coverage

Industry's only full spectrum IoT security solution. Covers network and RF devices.

Data Collection

Sources granular data and behavior from IPFIX/Span ports and WootCloud RF sensors. 

HyperContext™ Delivered

AI-engine combines device context, network data and threat intelligence.

Remediation Engine

Policy-based recommendations and remediation vis NAC integrations  

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