The Promise of Business Devices

All types of business devices are increasingly used by your employees, contractors and visitors to facilitate collaboration and communications ranging from managed Polycom devices and Smart TVs to unmanaged personal smart phones, tablets and other RF devices.

…And The Risks

According to WootCloud Threat Labs, 70% of these devices are unmanaged and invisible to your security tools? And even more worrisome, 20% are high risk due to malware or device vulnerabilities. This complex situation can leave your business vulnerable to high mitigation costs, compliance violations, and lost reputation due to everything from data breaches, hacked teleconference calls, and network infiltration due to misconfigured access points.

Enter WootCloud HyperContext Device Security

WootCloud is the only device security platform that can not only uncover these devices on both the radio and network spectrum, but also provides critical context about each device by analyzing over hundreds of device parameters to generate a unique device identifier & risk rating. WootCloud provides:

Organizational Risk Scores

Generate automated organizational device risk scores based on thousands of dimensions to identify SecOps, Network Ops, & IT Ops gaps.

HyperContext® Device Security

The only platform that provides contextualized visibility into all devices, their behavior, network access, and threat intelligence and allows IT teams to set nuanced granular policies to manage them.

Device Context & Control

HyperContext® provides granular device context based on device & network / airspace characteristics.

WootCloud TrueID™

WootCloud TrueID goes beyond traditional fingerprinting by analyzing hundreds of device parameters to generate a unique device identifier and authenticity rating.

Threat Correlation Across RF & Network

Correlates threats and vulnerability propagation across multiple interfaces, including RF & Network.

Grouping & Anomaly Detection

HyperContext® creates custom labels and tags to group devices by business use case. Detects anomalies at the group-level & sets policies.

WootCloud also enables you to supercharge your existing security solutions such as SIEMs by appending enhanced device insights to the data & feeding it into your orchestration workflows.

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