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SOAR, SIEM enrichment

Respond to incidents in seconds not days

A SIEM consumes data from disparate sources and reports all the high-impact events, which results in a flood of information.

  • Where does the SOC analyst start to make sense of and take action to address the alerts?
  • Where did that IP come from, and who does it belong to?
  • Can we see if someone is physically where they do not belong?

A SOC analyst needs additional context to tie events together to make them actionable, and to inform them of an appropriate response, both in the moment and in follow on investigation from a centralized source.

WootCloud HyperContext® technology will: 

  • Enrich your SIEM data and SOAR workflows with WootCloud’s HyperContex and reduce incident response time.
  • Use the WootCloud policy engine in conjunction with SOAR workflows to respond to IoT and unmanaged device threats and remediate from the SOAR platform.

All this data is critical for a high-security organization with active asset management lists, a continuous, dynamic, network traffic analysis methodology is the only way to ensure that all devices are known, fingerprinted, and accounted for in standard behavior.


Implement a zero-trust approach

Our technology implements micro-segmentation in the software, in a layer that is decoupled from the underlying network hardware and NAC tools. This makes the segmentation easier to deploy and manage, operate at IoT scale in an automated fashion and provide security beyond static rules and authentication mechanisms.

With a strong device context, you can now tailor security settings and create dynamic access control policies that limit network and application flows between workloads based not just on authentication, traffic  and application information but by a combination of physical properties.

This will help reduce the attack surface, improve breach containment and provide stronger regulatory compliance posture.

Risk & Threat Assessment

Security always comes down to making a Risk Assessment

HyperContext® recognizes anomalous behavior at the device level and uses its sophisticated policy engine to prevent vulnerable devices from propagating into the rest of the organization. It also offers security posture trends and analytics about each device and recommends actions to mitigate identified threats.

Organizational Compliance

Ensure compliance throughout your IoT.

  • Have you achieved the operational compliance you desire?
  • What is it costing you today to properly manage and enforce your compliance?

WootCloud HyperContext® technology can immediately achieve operational compliance because we can:

  • Detect whether or not machines have performed backups
  • Track which applications are popularly used
  • Reduce audits needed
  • Enhance enforcement of governance to properly manage and
  • Assure compliance activity
  • Identify malicious external IP addresses visited

Asset Management

Cybersecurity is all about IT assets.

  •  Do you have an end-to-end view of your total IT asset management environment?
  • Do you have business processes in place to help you control what is on those devices and what levels of authority are permitted for different classes of users?

We offer a consolidated view from geographically dispersed multiple asset management systems into a single pane of glass.

Visibility & Discovery

Discover all managed and unmanaged devices currently on your network

WootCloud HyperContext® technology will

  • automatically discover any device, whether connected to the network or not, across multiple spectrums including Bluetooth, BLE, WIFI and physical LAN connections
  • fingerprint the devices based on their unique characteristics across multiple dimensions which include multiple layers; hardware, software, logical, functional and other operational

New research released from Sepio Systems, reveals a 42 percent jump in the number of devices connected to corporate networks, compared with the pre-COVID-19 period.

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