Simple, Proven, Network Security for Today’s Connected Students

Control the IoT Device Explosion

Smart devices are exploding all over campuses, from student-owned laptops, iPads, and fitness trackers to teaching aids and network-connected smart devices owned by facilities. There is no reasonable rule or guideline limiting these devices as they proliferate across campuses. There may not be ownership assigned to all campus-owned/managed devices or unpatched systems and devices.

WootCloud technology:

  • Scans for multiple communication protocols; WIFI, Bluetooth, and BLE; and looks for devices both on and off the network including the RF spectra.
  • Sees all device types, fingerprints them and categorizes their risk to the rest of the network with recommended actions.
  • Shows device ownership, patch levels, and operating system health among other attributes.

Auto-enforce Policy Based on Device and Function

Compromised smart devices, (e.g. a CCTV system, smart routers, or a stolen professor’s laptop), can be a threat to campus security, network security or potentially student safety. Access controls to all systems may not have consistent policies or management. Different functions are likely managed by different teams, who lack security expertise.

WootCloud lets you:

  • Automatically enforce access controls and policies on all university-owned or operated IoT.
  • Use risk profiles and automatic scoring to see threats and stop unauthorized access by policy while simultaneously providing rich context for any attacks.
  • View dashboards providing clean and accurate device views of current status and activity, while rich diagnostics and deep investigation capability automates alert handling at the scale of your campus.

Prevent Student Devices from Impacting Infrastructure

Student-owned smart devices will be everywhere, from dorms to commons and in every building WIFI can reach. Static rules for how those devices connect with authentication and access control lists can be overcome or worked around by students eager to explore the possibilities. Some students may have the skill to bypass regular WIFI or broadband channels and use privileged domains.

With WootCloud technology you can:

  • Set rules to route connections automatically and correctly to the right VLAN and WIFI broadband channel.
  • Create policies to isolate troublesome devices in various zone to prevent the spread of a campus-wide DDoS or malware infections.

Stop Ransomware Demands Through Segmentation

Students, faculty, alums, or other university employees may connect infected devices into the network. Bluetooth-enabled devices are susceptible to many forms of attack and can be used as a gateway to other devices on other radio frequency (RF) spectrums. Whether part of a DDoS attack or a potential ransomware spread, IT teams need to enable network segmentation to shut down or limit lateral movement.

With WootCloud:

  • Segment network by building, floors or device group functions to prevent malware infections to other devices in the same and other zones.
  • Estimate risk, discover threats, and control usage and the spread of malware through micro and device-based segmentation.
  • Design network segmentation based on different risk and threat assessment profiles.

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