Securing Clinical Networks for Medical Device Governance, Risk Management and Cybersecurity

Device Visibility & Protection

Hospitals have a large and changing attack surface with new patients and visitors daily. Medical devices flow in and out of facilities with the movement of patients and healthcare professionals. One of the largest threats is careless and unaware employees using personal laptops and iPads which connect across other devices through the care facility.

WootCloud offers:

  • Visibility for all  devices from pacemakers to laptops that update dynamically as the security posture changes or people and patients move around in the hospital.
  • Device micro-location down to the function and purpose of each device.
  • Visibility that allows quick response to increase in risk or suspicious behavior outside the normal device profile.

Risk and Threat Assessment

Network outages can come from stolen devices, fake WIFI access points, or some new strain of ransomware. Hospitals cannot afford to have “down time” or lateral movement from device to device that spreads ransomware. Bluetooth devices often have WIFI radios or NICs. These can be compromised to start a denial of service attack against the hospital DHCP servers or WIFI access points.

WootCloud risk-based access controls:

  • Recognize suspicious patterns and new infections.
  • Evaluate risk by considering the access request environment and situation, along with the security policies, and decides the access permissions according to a threshold.
  • Present a dashboard for reporting anomalies, offers best practice and risk reduction advice.

Identify Rogue Assets & Access Points

Internet access in hospitals can be compromised if wireless routers are not managed to best practice security standards. Many laptops or phones can become WIFI rogue access points and attacks against the network and identity/directory can be launched from visiting devices.

WootCloud provides:

  • Automated monitoring of all RF, WIFI, and Bluetooth frequencies for all devices within your clinics.
  • An Active Directory as each new device joins the network to check if the user is valid and sets access rights and compliance checks against the smart device’s software and risk posture.
  • A site-wide survey of all smart devices, providing a prioritized list of risk exposures to keep your hospital functional, driving organizational compliance.

Micro Segmentation by Function or Floor

No matter how careful anyone is, outbreaks, ransomware, and DDoS can happen. Hospitals tend to have centralized IT services and limited funding, capital, or skills required to set up network segmentation to limit impact.

WootCloud offers:

  • Network segmentation for medical devices which is simple to implement, based on the function of each device.
  • Options to continuously, dynamically, and automatically segment a network based on the functions of a particular zone in a hospital, granting only necessary access to network resources.
  • Network segmentation options based on different risk and threat assessment profiles.

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